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Our students will find a challenging and engaging curriculum in our Early Learning Program where they will be paired with students of similar abilities in each learning area. Student groups are kept small and are under the supervision of one of our certified, experienced educators.  Each learning day is full of learning through play and the excitement of learning new things about our world!

Students benefit from learning experiences in reading, writing, language arts and math as each child is placed in ability-based instructional levels and receive plenty of individual support from one of our exceptional teachers.  Science, Social Studies, and Enrichment classes make up our afternoons. 


Our elementary leveled instructional philosophy is to lean away from as much paperwork, computer-based instruction and lecture as possible.  Instead, we are driven to get kids moving, thinking and being creative problem solvers.​


In our middle grades program, students are being set up with continued rigor and use cross-curricular, project-based learning to demonstrate their understanding.  Both ELA and Mathematics use a blend of materials to fit the ages of students that are placed based on ability.  Our educators work toward supporting students to prepare for high school or dual enrollment.

Social Studies and Science are offered by the semester.

What is ability based instruction?

Plans in motion!

  • As you approach our campus you will notice security features such as having gated access.  Security systems will be evident outside and inside to ensure we are on top of any possible problem.

  • We are situated over three acres to include outdoor learning.  

  • As part of your tour you will journey through our school garden, orchard and playground areas.  They say we eat with our eyes first.  Did you see anything delicious?

  • Join us inside to learn how we are bringing nature in.  Our premier attraction is our 2,500 square foot screened, covered patio that allows for learners to be outside even when the bugs and weather in the Coastal Empire doesn't cooperate.  We already have lots of school pets and will be adding more and growing habitats when we move in.  

  • There are four ways to participate in learning with us.  We offer our Early Learning program for two-year-olds through kindergarten, Elementary grades 1-6, Middle School grades 7-8, and our community Learning spaces for learners of all ages.  Tour them all!

  • If you used a keen eye, you will have found even more learning treasures that make learning an experience!


With our new campus, we will be able to triple our enrollment.  Priority will be given to current students, advanced students and learners that need a creative, hands-on approach.  Our campus will still be a Kind Campus as we cannot serve students with uncontrolled behaviors.  Please speak with our administration team about joining our classes with any disabilities as we can accommodate many learning needs.  Intervention providers are welcome and available on campus.

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"In a world of unknowns, we believe joining forces with Advanced Academics will be the most consistent, in depth, and personalized education that we can provide to our child. We are looking forward to an exciting year!"   
- L. Wyatt

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