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At Advanced Academics Academy we pride ourselves on the ability to customize education individually for each student. We have done away with the utilitarian classrooms and desks and have welcomed a comfortable, friendly place to kick up your feet and explore a superior curriculum. 


Our educators are excited to chase ideas,  grow knowledge, and close gaps to address optimal learning.  We lean away from textbooks, worksheets, and lectures, and instead, embrace a hands-on and play-based approach. We focus on ability-based learning and meeting each student where they are in each learning strand. 


We have also taken the Georgia Standards of Excellence and paired them with the Pennsylvania Early Learning Keys. Our students will meet AND exceed what schools do locally with the competitive edge from northern states. 

Our mission is to address what and how our children learn, including play, creative and critical thinking, emotional intelligence and the soft skills that will prepare them for a successful adulthood. 

- Lori Lewis 

CEO & Founder

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