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Our campus is growing and we are adding to our team after winter break.  Training may be sooner.

We are currently requesting cover letters and resumes for:

  • Elementary K-2 Tutor, part time, flexible schedule

  • Elementary 3-5 Tutor, part time, flexible schedule

  • Preschool Teacher, part/full time

  • Preschool Teacher Assistant, part/full time

  • Elementary K-2, part/full time

  • Elementary 3-5, part/full time

  • Elementary Thematics 3-5, part/full time

Begin Your Second Career

Forget all the bureaucratic nonsense you are used to on other campuses.  Then, think about what all the big ideas you learned in educator preparation. They seem like a unicorn, but they do exist on our campus. One of our teachers described being an educator here is like the magic of Disney.  Here are some ways we are different:

  • Teachers work set hours and do not have "any other duties as assigned."  If you choose to take on additional responsibility, you are paid.

  • There is no take-home work.  Your evenings and weekends are yours.  No grading papers, writing lesson plans, or cutting out lamination.   Enjoy family and friends!

  • You are trusted to know your students and are able to take the standards, plan what your children need and document learning without having a system or schedule mandated on you.

  • You are teaching only one grade level.  As we place students by ability, the students in your class will all be on the level that you teach.  There is no four-grade-span ability groups for you to juggle.  Be prepared for younger students to be in your class as our students move faster than traditional schools.

  • Administration doesn't feel like your jailor.  We actually all work as a team and support one another. You are respected for your knowledge and abilities.  

  • Materials you need to do your job are purchased for you.  Your paycheck is yours, not the supply fund.

  • We are a KIND campus and will send children with big behavioral needs to places with better resources for them.  You won't face being kicked, cussed out, or have furniture thrown at you.

If you got into education because you wanted to teach, this is the campus for you.  Visit our campus to learn what an actual educational unicorn looks like.  Talk to us about your past education and experience, even if it's from some other state or expired.  You may have let things go because you were burnt out.  Let's see how easy it is for you to take a position that matches the passion you started teaching with!

For more information on preschool qualifications, visit  Elementary information for new teachers can be found at

Benefits include: Competitive Pay, Insurance, Telemed, and more! 

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