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Experience Ability-Based Instruction

How Focusing On
Ability Versus Birthdates
To Guide Instruction Works

Our campus..."The friendliness and comfort of a coffee shop meets the fun and learning of a children's museum."

Why Advanced Academics?

Most importantly we focus on ability-based learning and meeting the student where they are at in each learning strand.  We have also taken the Georgia Standards of Excellence and paired them with the Pennsylvania Early Learning Keys for a whole child approach.  Students will meet AND exceed what schools do locally, but with the competitive edge from up north.  This additional curriculum allows us to include components that address what and how children learn including play, creative and critical thinking, emotional intelligence and the soft skills that will prepare them for a successful adulthood.  When you visit the campus, we would love to show you some of the curriculum resources we use to facilitate our customized learning programs.

On our preschool, early kindergarten, and kindergarten programs students will find a challenging and engaging curriculum in our Early Learning Studio where they will be paired with students of similar abilities in each learning area. Student groups are kept small and are under the supervision of one of our talented teachers.


Students in our Elementary - Middle program will benefit from learning experiences in reading, writing, and math as each child is placed in the proper instructional level and receives plenty of individual support from one of our exceptional teachers.  Science, Social Studies, and Enrichment classes make up our afternoons.  

We understand that each learner has unique characteristics and know how important early intervention is.  Whether it's welcoming speech therapy, Autism support, or other practices, we work with your child' as your learning partners to ensure they are working on their goals.

"Mom, do we have to leave?  I'm not done yet!"


"Leave my stuff there, I'm going to write more tomorrow."

Student writing

"It was hard, but now it's easy! Yeah baby!"


All Learners Are Smart in Different Ways

Let's identify your intelligences!

There are other types of intelligences that we foster growth in aside from academic.  Of course we promote learning in language arts and math.  But, there is also bodily/kinesthetic, culinary, logical/mathematical, mechanical/craftmanship, musical/rhythmic, naturalistic, verbal/linguistic, and visual/spacial. 


We also support high-ability  learners.  They are those students who perform at an outstanding level of accomplishment in at least one subject when compared to other students of the same age, experience, or environment AND/OR is characterized by exceptional gifts, talents, motivation, or interests.   This includes gifted and talented, high achieving, and creative learners.

We will be supporting these many ways to be smart as we explore different learning themes throughout the year!

Student holding artwork

What Makes Us Unique          Our FAQ's

We are in compliance with and monitored by the Georgia Department of  Early Care and Learning.  We do not offer childcare at this time, but are pursuing it for full day pre-k and before/after care when we move to our new campus!

Is the campus

Group of students
Two students working

Do your students wear uniforms?

They do not.  We believe that dress is an expression of creativity.  If fact, just cover your important parts, choose shoes that promote safe movement, and your clothing should not be so precious that a stain or two would be a problem when we use art materials.

We are not a religious campus and the children will not have chapel or learn bible verses.  We will occasionally learn about major holidays from many cultures including religious ones with very basic details.    Most holidays are approached with the Americanized version such as Valentine’s Day is a day to recognize friendship or Halloween is a day for dress-up.  Any specific questions about beliefs will be passed back to parents.

What kind of religious experience can we expect?


Your tuition covers all school supplies. 


Middle grades students do need their own laptop and graphing calculator.  

What school supplies does my child need?

We are in the design phase this school year and will break ground in the summer of 2022.  We will move in the summer of 2023.

When will our permanent campus be complete?


As a small campus there are a few things we are not staffed to do.  We cannot provide support services for some learning disabilities as part of our regular classes.  We can support many children through one-on-one tutoring.  Please reach out to us to consider if we can meet your child's academic needs in this manner.  We also are not able to provide more than simple behavioral redirection for our  students.  Any child that cannot self-manage appropriately for their age and follow directions  will not be able to continue attending.  Please speak to us about preschool expectations  for children new to being in an academic environment.  

Are there any exceptions to your services?

Meet Our Educators
Each member of our team has been chosen based on thier outstaning talents and qualifications.


Lori Lewis

Mrs. Lori holds a Master's of Arts in Education Psychology and a Bachelor's of Arts in Education.  Her certification includes gifted administration, reading specialist, and nursery thru 12th grades education.  She enjoys tables games, mystery books, and hanging out with her cat.


Kay Spencer
1st & 2nd Grades

Mrs. Kay holds a Master's of Religious Education and Bachelor's of Elementary Education.  Her certification is in 1st - 6th grades and English for Speakers of Other Languages.  She brings over 30 years of experience to our campus.  She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and is a cat lover.


Evelyn Marcotte
3rd & 4th Grades

Ms. Evelyn has a Bachelor's of Science in Education. Her certification is in Pk-5th grades.  She has taught for six years in upper elementary.  Evelyn is a member of the National Science Teacher's Association.  She enjoys gaming and hanging out with her chickens.


Barbara Booth
5th & 6th Grades

Ms. Barb holds a Master's in Elementary School Education and a Bachelor's in Intermediate Education.  Her certifications are in grades 3 - 8,  gifted education and mathematics. She pursues creating art works in her free time. 


Shannan Miller
Early Learning

 Ms. Shannan is a talented educator with experiece working with students in the primary grades.  She has recently returned to the Coastal Empire after working in Florida for last several years.  She is excited to be with us and getting to focus on teaching away from a bureaucracy.  Her students will also enjoy her ability to teach sign language. Shannan's fun spirit will certainly bring our each child's passion for learning!


Melanie Thatcher
Early Learning

Ms. Melanie has an undergraduate degree in early childhood education from Ashford University and a Master’s degree in teaching from Augusta State University. With over 20 years in education helping students, she values each student as an individual and knows every student can succeed with the appropriate curriculum and instruction.   She responds tovarying strengths and pursues each child's opportunities for growth. I am looking forward to working together to support your child's success.


Carla McCurry
Elementary Thematic Teacher

With over 30 years of experience in education, Carla is an English teacher with gifted certification.  She will be our upper grade ELA teacher starting in SY 22-23.


Brian Daughtry
Upper Grades Tutoring

Mr. Brian has a Master's in Leadership and a Bachelor's in History.  He works with students in middle and high grades. He is bringing robust experience in math and history. His background includes experience as a lead instructor, mentor, and administrator.


Master Oscar
Tae Kwon Do

Master Oscar is a fourth degree black belt in Tai Kwon Do.  He has been instructing students at many levels for over a decade.  He focuses on safety, fun and form while building skills with his students. 

Becky Marcussen
Art Teacher

Ms. Becky is joining our faculty to immerse our students in the world of art. Her background includes working with drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, art history and more. Before moving to Savannah, she taught at Lakeland College in Illinois.

June Moore

Theater Arts

June joines our team with her extensive background in theate arts.  Her program in forcued on the learning target for theater arts in Georgia focusing on learning the basics through fun thater arts activities.

Kelly Houston

Ms. Kelly is back this year to teach dance to our elementary students.  She will present children skills in many types of dance such ​Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, 

Baton Twirling, Hip Hop, Tumbling, Contemporary, and Hawaiian Hula Dancing.

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